84 Inch Sun top Universal to Carts – Double Moon Roof Included

Black roof make from UV resistant plastic to protect from damage from the
sun. Roof also has two skylights installed. One on each end of the roof. Skylights are made from bronze
acrylic and mounted using single locking EPDM gasket material. This provides a water resistant seal to
prevent leaking in case of rain. Roof design is formed with a rail on all sides with openings in the corners
to allow for water drainage away from the entry/exit areas of the cart. Aluminum frame fastened
underneath for mounting purposes made with a double track design which has one “T” groove and one
round track for enclosures or other items. “T” groove placement is dimensionally equal to other roofs to
utilize readily available mounting brackets (not sold by VIP Golf Cars) which allows for use with virtually
all makes and models of carts. Length of roof is 84”, width is 45” and overall


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